Psychic You/Psychic Children

Working with children and parents with their own unharnessed abilities to help them understand  psychic gifts is something I think is so important. As a child I had a fair amount of support, and still floundered. The well known psychic/astrologer who recognized my gifts helped me to realize that for me, this was normal. Her insight and support were crucial to knowing myself, allowing the abilities to unfold, and to trusting my experiences. In addition, I would visit a local Reverend, Reverend Miller (bless his beautiful soul) who was also instrumental in helping me to recognize my gifts and to remind me to honor the divine in all of us.

I am able to recognize my own daughter’s sensitivity and gifts so she, too, is not alone, which has been amazing practice and teaching for me.  We need to trust and listen to our children's insights and fears. They may “see” things we do not. If I did not have my own abilities to partner with others, it would have been difficult to understand my experience and development. I can help you to understand and pinpoint you and/or your child’s specific gifts, and support you and them in the handling and development of your own special abilities.

Consultation available by appointment.

"Wendy read my life like she was reading a book." ~Tammy